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    Specimen Collection and Shipping


    Collection Kit for UroVysion FISH and Urine Cytology Testing Contents:

    1) Collection Cup with Spout (180ml)

    2) Blue Capped Container (120ml) with 30ml of PreservCyt® Solution


    A) Using the collection cup (1), collect the first days urine mid stream into the collection cup.

    B) Pour 70ml of urine into blue-capped cytology jar (2) with PreservCyt® Solution. Insure that the lid is secure to prevent leakage. (For Combined Urine Cytology and UroVysion FISH testing, there must be a minimum of 100mls of total volume).

    C) Place the blue capped cytology container (2) into the foam insert in the appropriate location.

    D) Keep the specimen refrigerated prior to shipping. Ship specimen with ice pack placed on top of shipping container. Specimen should not exceed 45°and needs to be processed within 48 hours.

    Solid Tumor

    1) Complete the requisition:

    a. Include a copy of the patient's demographic and insurance information and prior pathology report.

    b. Provide contact information (name and phone #) for coordination of the block/slide procurement through pathology or the appropriate area if needed.

    2) Place a barcode label (including at least two patient identifiers on slide mailer or block cassette.

    a. Formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue from a block or slides, is required.

    b. Required fixation duration for tissue samples is 6 to 48 hours.

    c. Tissue block is preferred and any unused tumor material is returned to sender.

    d. For slides, submit a minimum of 3 unstained slide sections on positively charged slides cut to a thickness of at least 4-6 microns for each individual test ordered (i.e. 6 total slides if 2 tests/markers are ordered).

    3) Place specimen container into PersonalizeDx specimen transportation kit. Include refrigerated cold pack in warm weather (>80°F). 


    1. Place PersonalizeDx kit and requisition into FedEx® Clinical Pak®.
    2. Adhere FedEx label to the outside of the envelope.
    3. Call FedEx at 
    1.800.GoFedEx or 1.800.463.3339 for a pick-up.
    4. For specimen transport questions or to order additional shipping materials call PersonalizeDx at (1-877-429-6643).


    Clinical Pak® is a registered trademark of FedEx.